Expert Septic Pumping in Naples, FL

You might not like to think about what happens to your waste once it flushes down the pipes. But if you have a septic system, that waste can have a significant impact on your overall plumbing. Without regular pumping and cleaning, your tank may suffer irreparable damage.

At George W. Shepard & Son Inc., we offer septic pumping to Naples, FL residents and those in the nearby cities. With our team, you can ensure your plumbing and septic system remain in great shape.

Avoid Clogs, Leaks, Cracks, and Backups

Whenever you pour cooking oil, grease, or fat down the kitchen sink, the sludge travels through your pipes and to your tank. Once it reaches your tank, it floats on top of the water rather than settling on the bottom like organic waste does. Although aerobic bacteria can digest some of these floating solids, a majority of the scum layer will continue to build up in your tank.  

If you don’t call an expert for septic pumping every three to five years, the grease and scum layer will overflow and exit out the absorption area. In some cases, the accumulation results in cracks and leaks as well as clogs and backups. When you wait even longer, your septic system will fail completely, and you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars to completely replace your tank.

Our team wants you to avoid the hassle of repairing and replacing your septic system, so we’ll gladly come to your home in Naples, FL as soon as you call.

Schedule Regular Cleaning With Our Team

George W. Shepard & Son, Inc. is a family-owned and -operated company. Our family can’t wait to help your family, whether you need a complete septic pumping or you simply have questions about maintenance. When you hire our team, you can expect us to treat you with respect and understanding, and we’ll do all we can to keep you satisfied with our performance.

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