Trust Your Naples, FL Septic System Installation to Shepard & Son

If your home doesn’t connect to a larger, municipal sewage system, you need a septic system that protects your family, your property, and the larger environment. You also want a reputable septic contractor to make sure the installation goes smoothly.

At George W. Shepard & Son, Inc., we’re known throughout the Naples area for our thorough, perfect installations. Our strong relationship with the health department helps streamline the process, from obtaining your permit to the final inspection.

Here’s how the installation process works:

  1. An engineer comes to your site for a free evaluation.
  2. The health department provides a permit.
  3. Shepard & Son contractors install the drain field.
  4. Full installation generally takes 1-2 days.
  5. The health department inspects the installation (1-3 days).
  6. After inspection clears, we cover the septic system.

If the job goes quickly, the health department can sometimes inspect your installation the same day.

Call Teresa at 239-261-0607 to set up a free evaluation for your septic system installation in Naples, FL.