Follow the Dos & Don’ts of Naples, FL Septic Maintenance

When it’s time for septic maintenance at your Naples, FL home, you call a septic contractor. But there are many things you should keep in mind for the overall health of your system.


  • Have your tank pumped approximately every 3 years if you’re living in the home year ’round. On average, rental homes should be pumped more frequently.
  • Grow grass or small plants over the drainfield area. The Department of Health has a list of ap-proved plants and shrubs. However, no trees should be on or near the septic tank or drainfield. The roots from such trees will seek out water and reduce the life of the drainfield.
  • Keep plumbing fixtures such as toilets and faucets in good repair to prevent leakage/wasting of water. Important note: a leaky toilet can ruin a drainfield in a short period of time.
  • Install water conservation fixtures or devices to reduce total volume of water entering the system. Water-saver toilets and front-loading machines help tremendously. Too much water entering the septic tank simultaneously can stir up sludge, which makes its way into the drainfield (i.e., wash-ing 3 or more loads of laundry in 1 day). The sludge/film will seal off the drainfield and will pre-vent proper drainage.
  • Install the system so that rainfall and surface water will flow away from the drainfield. Install gut-ters so the water from the roof will not drain into the drainfield.


  • Install any extra soil or weed mat over the drainfield area, which needs to breathe. The sun will evaporate 30% to 40% of the water.
  • Flush paper towels, ‘flushable’ baby wipes, newspapers, wrapping paper, rags, or sticks into the system. These items do not break down easily.
  • Pour out or empty hobby or home industry chemicals into the system.
  • Pour grease down the drain. Grease is the number one factor causing trouble in septic tanks and drainfields.

Additionally, garbage disposals are bad for drainfields. Use of a garbage disposal increases solids in the septic tank by 50% and decreases good bacteria. Roots from trees or plants are the 2nd biggest problem for septic systems.

Pay Attention to These Septic Warning Signals

Call Teresa at 239-261-0607 if you notice any of the following:

  1. Sluggishness when flushing toilets
  2. Any plumbing backups
  3. Gurgling sounds in the plumbing
  4. Grass that grows faster and greener in one particular area of the yard
  5. Mushy ground underfoot near the septic system
  6. Obnoxious indoor odors

Don’t let septic problems go unheeded. Call Shepard & Son today to take care of your system.